The Fable of The Valley of Clouds

Let me show you a place,
        not many have seen.
For I come from a land,
        not many have been.

Somewhere in the mountains,
        a valley unfolds.
Its beauty lies,
        in the myriad clouds it holds.

The Valley of Clouds

The clouds come from near and far,
        but once in the valley, they forget who they are.
They forget to climb, and begin to crawl.
        They forget to flow and begin to fall.

The valley is a trap so sly,
        it tricks the clouds to leave the sky.
There’s a lesson in this tale
        from the prisoners of this jail.

        “The cloud in each of us is dying,
because the valley of our attachments keep us from flying.”

— —
Poem Credits: Nitin Das.
(Valley of Clouds shown is a beautiful valley situated in the Himalayas. In the mornings, the valley gets filled up with a sea of clouds. The clouds cover the forest, mountains and villages in a blanket of white. It’s a beautiful symphony orchestrated by nature.)