My Interests

A wanderer, who wants to come back home after a while, only to long to go out, wandering again.

We live only once. It would be such a waste to come into this world and go away without seeing what else and who else existed on it. And so my dream of seeing the world before I die.

It is difficult to fight the gutsy urges of travel that overpower me regularly. College life, (the life I live right now), with all its dynamism, can be quite boring. Nomadic life is what I crave for.

Food has always been a huge part of my life – I plan my days around meal times, schedule my quality friend and family time at restaurants, and wander based solely on a place’s food scene. Food is my reason for being, and like any good child, I blame it on my parents.

Food. The culture, the process, the taste, the experience –– I am fascinated and enchanted by it all.

I am thinking of translating few Gujarati literature (especially ghazals). These are words that have given me pause time and again. In translating them, I relive those moments and sometimes create some anew.


2 thoughts on “My Interests

  1. Aakash Jivani says:

    All journeys have a secret destination of which the traveller is unaware

  2. ashodara says:

    All journeys ultimately lead within…….

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